Monday, November 09, 2009

Some Savings...And A Story

You all know how I feel about saving money! I really LOVE it! It's my "thing"! But, this week, I was feeling pretty cranky about the whole coupon thing. I hadn't been to the store in a few weeks, so it was taking a lot of time and brain cells to get this week's preparations done. Last night, I just quit and went to bed because my brain wasn't functioning and just couldn't organize anymore. This morning, I got up at 5 and finished, still not looking forward to whole shopping experience.

You see, for the sales this week, they would take $5 off for every 10 of the special sale items you purchase, meaning that I had to keep track of everything while I shopped. It is a real headache sometimes. Today was no exception.

I got to the store early, (to beat the snowbirds) and started in on it. About 1/2 way through my shopping, my pen (that I was keeping my 10 item tally with) ran out of ink. Did I have another pen in my purse? No. I was SO bugged! There was no amount of sucking or shaking that would make my pen write. Grrrr.. So I headed off to the office supply aisle to begrudgingly buy a pen.

Standing there in front of the pens were 2 men having a indepth discussion about pens. So, I reached around them, grabbed a "sale" pen and started to head off. One of the men asked if I wouldn't mind helping his friend find a pen. That's when I noticed that one of the men was very mentally handicapped, and he was helping his blind friend try to find pens. The blind man said he wanted a "Bic" pen, so I told him about a few there, then grabbed a bag of the "bulk" pens from the bottom, which were what he was looking for. They were SO happy to get the pens! They thanked me over and over!

After they walked off, I got emotional and started to tear up. Now, you may think I'm nuts, but I KNOW that my pen ran out of ink because Heavenly Father knew those men needed my help. And that I needed their help. Yes, I helped them find what they were looking for, but they helped me more. Right there in the aisle, I said a little prayer and repented for my crappy attitude and gave thanks for being sent to help the two friends.

I have so much to be grateful for. I need to quit getting so wrapped up in my day to day mess and look around me for all that I've been blessed with. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending me two angels in the grocery aisle!

And what more of a blessing do I need?? I saved 75% on my groceries today! The best I've ever done!


Kristina P. said...

I really need to go grocery shopping with you!

Lauren said...

Incredible shopping and story! I really need to learn the coupon world, when do you your class??

Brittney Smith said...

Great story!!!!.....and I love the savings. Incredible!!

Grandma Kay said...
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Amy said...

A really great story! And you're totally humble to share it with the world.

Seriously, what's your secret to couponing? How do I get in on it? I'd really be interested.

About that gingerbread recipe, I can email it to you (and a delicous apple cake with vanilla sauce recipe if you want it too). I'd also like your email address so I can send you our xmas card. I think I'm emailing them this year to save a few bucks.

And no, I'm not on Facebook. I've never even been to that website before. I know, I'm like our grandmas!

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Amanda said...

ohmygosh ... Your pen story totally made me cry! thanks for sharing! and thanks for the nice comment on my blog! :)

Mandi said...

First of all, I loved all your savings! wow, that is what I need to do! It may seem like a pain, but I bet it is all worth it in the end after you see all your savings.

Now that story about you helping those men made me cry too. Not only about you helping them but how they helped you, which in the end also helped me. I have been moping around all day just whining a bunch and never once taking the time to be appreciative for the things I DO have! I don't know how to explain it but I really needed to hear this tonight. thank you

oh and I wrote a long, thoughtful comment before this, and I somehow deleted it. oops. So i hope this gets the same point across. :)

thanks again for sharing

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Rick said...

My wife is a real coupon nut too. Every time I get ready to go to the store it's "wait, I have a coupon somewhere for that." And then there's "you know what" to pay when I forget to use them. But, I shouldn't complain, she's saved us tons of money.

free FONT said...

You are so talented!

KLo said...

Ah, the power of a pen ... it's demonstrated in unusual ways sometimes, but it's always true :)

Confused Mos said...

sorry just stumbled across your blog and read it what a great person you are I hope you will always have god in your heart.


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I really gotta go to grocery shop.

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Bridget said...

Wow that is really an amazing story. I should get my mom to figure out how to use coupons.

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