Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our summer is just going by! And it's so stinkin hot that we hardly want to leave the house!

James is here with us for July, which is always fun! Tuesday night we took the whole family to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter! We got there an hour early and still had to sit on the 2nd row! It was really fun! So many weird people to watch! We had put Kayden to bed at 8 and woke him up at 11 to go. He stayed awake for the whole movie and loved it! We took him in his Super Mario Galaxy PJ's with his Pooh Bear and favorite blanket in tow. We were quite the site!

James went to Saguaro lake with the Young Men/Young Women from church yesterday. They had a great time, but he's pretty wiped out today! Clinton is finally feeling better, though he still has a nasty cough that's hanging on.

I really need to get some stuff done today. Laundry, cleaning, ect. But...yuck! I have no desire!


Julie said...

I'm glad to hear the movie was good. We are going to see it today. Jayden would love to get together with Kayden! Having two sisters makes him a little crazy....he needs some good friends to play with!! Great idea!!

Nikki said...

Hey girlie, Is Kayden feeling better too?

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

Jaime said...

How fun! I want to see Harry Potter too! Maybe when it comes to Redbox, lol.