Saturday, July 18, 2009

Billingsley Bunch Family Reunion

Yeah....the reunion was a month ago. But better late than never!
(Thank you for the lazy girl scrapbook layouts!)


Linda Bennett said...

I loved these! I totally forgot my camera this year so I didn't get any pictures. I love the way you layed these out.

Nikki said...

These came out really nice. You did a great job. We hope to see some good ones from the Christmas party that I can not believe will be here before we know it.

Julie said...

Great pictures! You have a gift and are a very talented person. Also, thank you for the help with my blog. I got it down now!!

Mandi said...

What fun pictures! I need to do something like that since I always post so many pics on my blog! I amy not be as creative as you though!