Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pay It Forward Contest

I am playing along with my good friend Sally. On her blog, she is giving away a fabulous homemade gift to the first three people to comment and then Pay It Forward.
Here is my contest:

Write a silly Valentines poem and leave it in the comment box. I will select my favorite two on Sunday night and they will each win a FANTABULOUS Scrapbooking Supply Grab Bag! (Ok...if you're a guy...I'll make and send you a tasty treat!)

Don't forget to "Pay It Forward" on your blog!


Lissaloo said...

OK here goes-
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
When I think of you,
My heart turns to goo. :)

I can't write poetry! LOL

Dave said...

A po-em frum the heart
by Cheez-Weezil

From the tips of my toes
to the tip of my nose

I luvs me some wifey
For all of my lifey

My tummy is plubby
She thinks she looks shlubby

But I knows in my heart
That even when I... uh... toot,

My honey still loves me
and I always loves she!

Nikki said...


Becky said...

Blood is red
The sky is blue
I prob'ly won't do anything on Valentine's Day...
How about you?!

I know you love it
And want to pick me!
I love to scrapbook
So send me a goodie!

LOL :)

Lavinia said...

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
Your blog is special
And so are you!

Sharr said...

scrapbookin' goodie bag?
and i wasn't let in on it?
maybe i shouldn't let the time lag
and picked up the phone a bit
sooner to see how your rear xray went
but alas, now the valentine hours are spent :o(

woe is me
i'm left out to dry
in my own misery
guess i'll just cry

or maybe a little therapy
nothing ben and jerry's won't cure
i could scrapbook in hiding
paper, stamps, markers, photos and ice cream?
FOR SURE!! :o)