Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fingers And Eyes Crossed

About 5 years ago, Clinton's Jr. High band did a trip to Disneyland, so we were able to tag along and take The Bear for a few days. He was REALLY young and can't remember much of it. I have been wanting to take him again for awhile now, as he is at such a fun age and more "self sufficient". But really, we just can't afford a family vacation. Alas and Alack.

Well, I've been making plans for his Baptism, and found out yesterday that some of my family will be going to Disneyland the week of and will try to come here on their way back to be here for the big day. They asked if we could possibly meet them in California for a couple of days of Disney fun since it's only about a 5 1/2 hour drive! There is no way that we can all afford to go, but MAYBE we can wrangle a way for The Bear and I. (Don't feel sorry for Clinton...he just got back from his Holiday Bowl trip and don't forget...he's going to Europe this summer. Feel a LITTLE sorry for Dave though!) We will be the "Vacation Crashers"!

I don't want to say anything to The Bear yet. We've got to figure out the money situation first and I wouldn't want him to be disappointed if something happens. But I feel hopeful! Clinton and I went to Disneyland when he was 8 and we had such a great time! I think The Bear will LOVE it!


Nick and Aubrey said...

Oh that would be so fun for him! I've only been twice, and my first time was my sophomore year in high school. So I didn't really get into it too much. A lot of my parents friends go every year at least once, they're so fanatical about it.

I hope you guys can go!!!

Nikki said...

It would be great for the two of you. I hope you are able to go with them.

Di said...

If you do find your way down here, I would love to meet you. I live about 5 minutes from Disneyland. If you have time!

flaredblond said...

That would be good for you two . You do know , that they have a deal going on , if you stay for 4 nights , you get 3 FREE . :)