Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Fruits Of My Labor....(I'm so tired!)

I have baked and baked and baked! Here's what I ended up with....not quite the same things I had planned.

Orange Spice Cookies

Andes Mint Brownie Bites

Orange Almond Dark Chocolate Truffles

Peanut Butter Cookies for The Bear to share with his class!

Mini Lemon Drop Cakes (made in a mini muffin pan)

These are sugared cranberries I made to top the Lemon Drops.

Mini Pumpkin Loaves

Here are the Brownie Bites, ready to take to friends!
I did the Turtle Pretzels, but they're in the freezer, setting up!

Dave is taking a plate of goodies to work and Clinton's taking one to Band tomorrow!

I still want to make the fudge and toffee, but not today. And not tomorrow either!


The Fleshmans said...

Impressive...I do not have enough energy or patience to bake that much...Good Job! Everything looks amazing!

Nikki said...

Everything looks so yummy. You did a wonderful Job. I want to live closer to you!

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! I wish I were your neighbor! They all look so good!

Brittney Smith said...

Oh my heck. Betty Crocker in the house! You go girl!! Looks delicious!

flaredblond said...

Looks Yummy ! I baked myself out last week-end . It sure would fun if we could get together and make goodies .
I miss your Mom's sugar cookies , this time every year .

Rhianna said...

Wow... I wish I could get some of those, especially the mini lemon cakes. Yumm-O!

AZMom said...

Yummy!!! I want some recipes!!

pinkdesigner01 said...

I was only able to try the lemon cake ones.. but they were AMAZING! =)

Lavinia said...

Simply scrumptious!

Darce said...

wow! those look fabulous! how did you do all of that in one day?