Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do You Woot?

If not...you've seriously got to check it out! Woot is a website that promotes one fantastic deal each day. You never know what you might find for sale that day, and when they're gone...they're gone! Every now and then, they'll have a "woot off" where they'll put up a different item every 10 minutes or so. It's an addiction! There is also a Woot T-shirt site with a new graphic tee every day.

I have purchased several Christmas gifts from Woot. You might want to have a look!


flaredblond said...

I got you addicted ! Ha Ha :)

flaredblond said...

By the way .. when you see the two lights flashing on the site , it's a woot-athon . a new thing all day , until it is gone . And check out ihavetothat.com

marleigh's mommy said...

thank you for your pictures i think you are the one who sent them to me your the best hey it was so good to see you i miss talking with you love ya thanks again