Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Picture...finally!

So, here's a picture of Clinton in his birthday kilt. A Birthday Kilt? Yeah...his dad got it for him for his birthday. When he was in New Mexico visiting him last week, they both wore their kilts out to the mall. And here he is, heading out the door to school. Again...I'm not sure what to say, except I guess I instilled a healthy amount of self esteem in him?

You go Clinton...rock the kilt! You'd just better not come home with a tattoo!


Kristina P. said...

I better make sure my husband never sees this! He will want one!

Sharr said...

ha ha ha!!!! that's freakin' awesome--and yes--that kid has got some kind of self-confidence!! good for him! lol... so perfectly clinton!

i'm so excited about his college info too! that's awesome!!!

hey, i just remembered outback day is sometime around now-- and i think ricky is working.... next thursday right?? son of a! i'm going to have to find a new date... and a babysitter.... hmmmmm crap!

Strider said...

Well, at least it's still warm in Phoenix!!!!! Have a great Sunday!

David said...

The kilt looks good Clinton, if you would like some hints on accessories to go with it, please visit my site at

Kind Regards,


AZMom said...

That is too friggin hilarious!!! Happy Bday Clinton!