Friday, October 24, 2008

Outback Dinner and Concert

Last night was the big Outback Steakhouse dinner and concert fundraiser. Outback is so awesome! They donate ALL the food (steak, chicken, salad, rolls, veggies, cheesecake) and the kids sell tickets with all the money going straight into their student accounts to pay for the Holiday Bowl trip in December. Jazz Band played during dinner, so we were able to go, eat a fab dinner, watch Clinton play and then go home. (We normally would have stayed for the rest of the concert, but we've had a really trying week!)

I didn't get any great shots of Clinton playing, but you get the gist!

We made him take pics with all of us, because how often are we going to see him in a suit!
(Do you like my new stylin' glasses? Too bad you can't see the BLING on the sides!)

Band Boosters had a contest for the kids to sell tickets. Clinton was the top seller and won this "sweet" portable DVD player! WOO HOO! (Clinton's whole trip is paid now with his ticket sales! Yes!)


Kristina P. said...

I love Outback! Just had dinner there on Monday.

Strider said...

man, I'd go to a band concert too if I could eat at "Outbacks".....Loved the suite comment. LOL Have a great weekend.

Jaime said...

Wow, way to go Clinton! That's so awesome of Outback to do that.

AZMom said...

What a great thing for Outback to do! Great pics and love the glasses!