Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

What is it about Rice Krispies Treats that are so addicting? Seriously! Baby D and I made a pan today and...YUM! He just fell asleep, sitting on my lap with a gooey, delicious lump in his little hands.

We have had such a busy week! it hard to keep up with a 2 year old! I feel exhausted! The Bear is having some "jealously" issues that we are trying to work through. I think things are bound to get better with time. We're just trying to be very patient and get through it. (He even suggested that we move to a different house so Baby d couldn't find us again. Yeah...what do you do with that?)

It's been a big week for Clinton! He got his first college acceptance letter in the mail, to NAU! Followed a few days later by a letter saying he has received the Dean's Scholarship to NAU for $10,000! WOO HOO! (If he gets the Board of Reagent's High Honors Scholarship, it will replace this one, but still!) He and my dad left this morning, heading to New Mexico so he can visit his dad and my dad can visit some of his tax clients.

The Bear is spending the rest of the week/weekend with my mom. It's fall break and he is excited to get in some good grandma time!

Baby D will be going home tomorrow, but, as of now, the plan is for him to be back here on Sunday for another week. We'll see how it turns out.

There are a lot of changes brewing. Clouds of unsurity are stirring up all around us and it's hard to see through to know what the future will bring. We are just having to put our faith in The Lord and turn things over to him. He knows our needs and what is best. We just have to trust Him. (Why is trust such a hard thing with me??)


Kristina P. said...

That's an awesome scholarship amount! And I need some Rice Krisy treats.

Strider said...

Ah! The old "transition" time is upon you. Just went through a season of that myself. When you're trusting God during this time, it can be best described as "scary wonderful!" Be blessed my friend....He's on the Throne!

Jaime said...

What an awesome scholarship!! Way to go!

As for the Krispie Treats...I tried to make some the other day and overcooked the mallows. I mean come on, I used to at least be able to make Rice Krispie Treats! Is it possible for my culinary skills to be getting worse? I still ended up eating most of them when no one else would. :)