Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Plugging Along

Well, the days seem to be flying by! Here we are, in September already! I can hardly believe it! We are smack in the middle of Marching Band season, which is a busy time for us, especially Clinton. Tomorrow is the first football game. It will be fun to go to the games again, yet, it's just another something on the calendar.

I am anxious for the weather to cool down a bit. Our electric bill has been through the roof the last couple of months and it's making our financial situation tighter than usual...which is pretty tight. We have our air set at 80, which is really too hot for me to feel comfortable, but we are really trying to cut down. Dave is being super diligent about saving energy and I'm really trying to help out too. We're kind of going back and forth. I turn the ceiling fans on...he comes in and turns them off. I think we're looking at at least another 6 weeks of this heat, maybe 8. I remember it being 100 out on Halloween. Not great.

The Bear is still going great with his casts. They haven't slowed him down a bit. They ARE starting to get a bit smelly though. And we have 4 weeks left! EWWWW! I'm not sure I want to be sitting there when they cut them off! Bleh!

I am a little worried about Clinton. I think he's overextended. With school, band and work, I worry that he'll fall behind in his grades. Progress reports come out next week. I've told him that a job isn't worth losing out on a scholarship, so, we'll just have to see where he's at. He enjoys the money from work and it's nice for us not to have to give him gas money, but a full tuition scholarship would really save the day for us!

Nothing too exciting to report. But sometimes, that's not a bad thing!


Misty said...

our electric bill has been sky high too! but it has cooled for us and I'm loving it!

Amy said...

Sounds like things are going well for you guys. I can't wait for it to get cooler here too. It'll open up a whole new world of things for us to do and not be cooped up at home anymore. It was good to see you on Sunday. Brimhall ward still feels like home.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Didn't the summer zoom by? I look forward to the cool weather and having a fire in the fireplace. I agree that Sara Palin is exciting. My cousin's grandsons are in the band and it's been a great thing.

Lavinia said...

100 degrees on Halloween? Wow. That is a long hot season. It varies up here, but never that warm that late. One Halloween, I remember it was so bone chilling cold that the kids wore snowsuits overtop their costumes.

I hope your cooling bill gets relief soon!

You sound like you have your hands full and the school term well underway. My daughter just started school yesterday.

Strider said...

I "feel" for you guys in PHX. Yuk....still over 100! We, on the other hand have been mid-eightys max...with morning lows in the high 40's. Beautiful fall weather. Oh well, you have a month and a half that is pretty good in the winter!!!!!!!

AZMom said...

Been wondering about you!! Glad to hear things are going along. I too cannot believe it is September and I desperately want it to COOL down!

Darce said...

Sounds like things are going well Erica. I like the little update, and you're right--nothing to report is often a good thing!

Keep smiling!