Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long Night

Last evening, our neighbor from two doors down came by to let us know that their house had been broken into the night before. They had all been asleep and his wife, who is pregnant, got up at about 1am to go to the bathroom. As she was heading back to bed, she heard a noise and saw the outline of 2 guys in the hallway outside her room. She grabbed her husband and he started screaming at them and they took off. He chased them down the stairs, (yes...they went all the way UPSTAIRS!) and out the back door, where they had entered. He chased them down the street but was unable to keep up. The police, of course, weren't able to do a whole lot but take a report. Our neighbor told us that the lock on their back sliding glass door was broken and that was how they got in. (It is fixed now!)

This whole thing totally freaks me out! Those guys could have tried our back door before they found one that was unlocked! I am so happy that we got an alarm system a few months back! Everyone was kind of poo-pooing the idea when I signed up for it, but now...I am SO glad I did!

Needless to say, we didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night. We just felt a little uneasy, that, and there was a HUGE thunderstorm that BOOMED all night!

We're tired folks! I feel bad for Dave having to try and work all day!


Jaime said...

Yikes, that is so scary! I feel so bad for her--happening upon them like that. But it's probably a good thing she woke up. Did they have anything missing or did the thieves leave empty-handed? They were pretty bold going upstairs like that!

AZMom said...

Yikes!! That is scary! I would have been freaked too!! I am glad they got their door fixed. The other thing you can do is call your local PD and ask for additional patrol through the neighborhood. When our neighborhood was being terrorized by teen vandals 2 years ago, this is what I did. It is also how they caught them.

We didn't get any rain last night. We did get a huge storm 2 nights ago.

Barb said...

Hi there,

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am in Surprise so we are on opposite sides of town. Very scary situation your neighbor had. I'm all for alarm systems (sad to say).

I've been reading through your posts and I just love your blog. Aubrey was a beautiful bride. How is your little one doing? My youngest spent wayyy to much time at PCH (when it was in Good sam).

It's too funny that you were a cm for Clinique. Would have been after I left the Ed dept. Was Joan your trainer?

Ok, I am writing a book here.


P.S. Nana Trish rocks!!!!

Amy said...

Okay, so scary! I think that's #3 on my biggest fears list. I'm glad they didn't get into your house.

Strider said...

Looks like The Master protected you guys....and...come to think of it...your neighbors! YOu Gotta love PHX!

Nikki said...

I can completely understand this one....To close to home... You can never be to safe... I got the big dog after my incident now I need the 45

Lavinia said...

That is very scary. Also, its no good for a pregnant woman to have a fright like that. I hope those thieves are caught. Glad to hear you have an alarm system. Remember to always keep it on when you are home.