Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

We've had another busy and hot weekend here. I've tried to upload pictures, but Blogger seems to be having issues.

Saturday, my mom and I drove to Safford, (about 3 hours East of Mesa), to attend a memorial service for my friend, Ronda's dad. It was a really lovely service and I was so glad to be able to see her, even just for a little while, and meet her husband. Growing up, we always had dreams of marrying a Rock Star! And dang her if she didn't come pretty close! Her husband, Rob, sang and played the keyboard at the services and he was AWESOME!

On our way home, we stopped by the cemetery that my grandparents are buried in. It is located in a little community called Bryce. The cemetery is up on a desolate little hill and doesn't seem like a very nice place to be buried. But, as we turned away from the cemetery, we noticed the spectacular view of the valley below and felt a little bit better about it. It is in a really out of the way location, so I don't think anyone had visited in several years. We were happy that we had decided to stop by and switch out the flowers with some bright, pretty new ones. (I'll try to post the pictures again later on.)

Yesterday was my turn to host Dave's family for Sunday dinner. My friend, Konnie and her boys were coming over too. After church, we sent to boys to Konnie's to play while we tried to get dinner going. (Everyone was arriving at 5:30, and I didn't get home from church until 5.) Konnie was helping out by frying up some corn tortillas for tacos. I'm not sure how it happened, but the oil tipped over, badly burning her arm and foot. It was HORRIBLE! I ended up running her up the street to Urgent Care, leaving the family to finish up with dinner preparations. The doctor gave her some ointment and pain killers, and today, she seems to be doing ok. What a nightmare!

I have such a killer headache today. The Bear is home with me, James is at the movies with Konnie's boys (Batman at the Imax!) and Clinton is at band camp. I really need to lie down and have a nap. But I'm not sure if that's going to happen today.

How was your weekend?


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Drama mama, that is awful about the burn. Thank God there were no children nearby. When my daughter was young, I was so adamant that she never be in the vicinity of the stove while I was cooking. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. I'm glad medical help was sought quickly. Scary.

Sorry about the headache. Have you tried vicks vaporub. I put it on my face and nose and it helps, it really does....

Did I ever tell you that as soon as I stopped drinking diet pop and stopped ingesting aspartame my headaches alleviated 90 %. The remaining headaches have been helped by nasal irrigation. I might have told you this before, forgive me if I have...I just preach with the zest of a new convert....

Anyway, I hope by the time you read this, you are feeling better.

My weekend was good. I spent most of Sunday in the kitchen, making 2 recipes from

The olive cake (an olive/ham/cheese loaf) and also whipped up gazpacho batches. With herbs from my own garden, yay!!!

Saturday night had dinner with a friend, I had 'cottage pie' and the gravy was made with stout (some kind of beer, I take it). This was at a 'trendy pub'. I don't 'do' trendy so I was like a fish out of water.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I echo Lavinia..I am so sorry about the burn. It hurts so bad, I'm glad she is doing better. It sounds like you had a hectic weekend. I hope you have a great week. Luv ya, Trish

Strider said...

My weekend wasn't very good....I had to furniture shop with my wife!!!! :-) My neice go married on Saturday night. We had a good time at the reception....eating....dancing.etc. We went to "Bed Springs Assembly" on Sunday. Later, we had a BBQ at my wife's twin sisters place, then I went to my buddies house and we bottled our wine that we made over the winter. It was a great weekend. I hope you feel better soon. Blessings - and Rock out!!