Sunday, July 13, 2008


When it rains in just can't stay inside! You have to get out and roll/dance around in it! Here are our adventures from today's rain!

A Cute Bear in the rain!
Aren't big brothers the best!

Ahhhh...good times!

James doing Rain Art

The Bear doing Rain Art

Voila! A Rain Art Masterpiece!

I am so cool! I can suction a Propel bottle to my forehead!

Come know you wish you could do it!


Darce said...

You're such a nut! Missed seeing you today!

Nikki said...

Hey girl, you really do always know how to have fun.

Strider said...

You guys deserve to cool off some. Our U.S. H.Q. is in Phoenix. I don't mind visiting in the winter, but the summer meetings are brutal. Some of our guys who live down there said the airport only got 8/10's of an inch. A little further north in the city received 3" +. Have a good one. Love the "rain art".

Misty said...


My family is scattered throughout the Mesa area, spreading to Western New Mexico and these rains are really dampening their spirits... Growing up in Monsoon regions, (i live in Idaho now) i am just incredibly jealous!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

You call that rain? Where are the puddles and the rivers running in the street? That's what our rain is like. I would consider what you got 'a drizzle'. However, for Arizona, I shall make allowances....okay...I can see why you titled your post Monsoon...!

AZMom said...

That is too funny!

BTW, the Coq Au Vin recipe link is on my Monday menu plan post. :-)