Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Plus This

Equals This

Go ahead...ask my husband...or Sharrs...I went completely nutso. Too much caffine makes for a mental Dramamama.


SalGal said...

One time I had half of one of those Metabolife (or something like that from a bizillion years ago) diet pills. I was awake for days. And those new Enviga drinks? Also from the school of insomina. That was just after a few sips.

I swear, if I have a Coke for breakfast I'm awake all night, but if I have it with dinner it's not a problem.

Take deeeep breaths... and a few Tylenol PMs to counteract the caffiene!

AZMom said...

Oh my hon!! I hope you are able to calm your jitters.

It has been a rough night in my house. Hubby blew up at the kids instead of following the planned discipline for breaking the rules. Everyone was in tears tonight. MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave said...

Well, this has been a frazzled everyone yelling at everyone sort of day.

Sort of makes you wanna drop trow and saw "AHHHHHH".

eeek my word verification is "urinhi" I'd hate to be on one of those! LOL

Sharr said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!!! Stinking hilarious :o) lol... good thing i still like you after yesterday lol.... we'd have some issues if i were a pushover kinda person lol....

glad to see dave survived the beatings :o) lol

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...


laughing like a crazy person at my desk!! making co workers suspicious!!!

Chicka said...

I'm sure Cheez took his beatings like a man. LOL!