Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is a picture of my grandma with her sister and two of my aunts. I just love it! I never saw my grandma with dark hair. I only remember her with her grey and her beautiful white hair.
My grandma was such an amazing woman. She worked hard all her life and no one can ever remember a time when she complained or said anything bad about another person. She always spoke with kind and gentle words. Whenever any of us, the grandchildren, were around her, she made us feel like we were so special and important. All of us were her favorite!

One of our family traditions is our annual family reunion. We have been having the reunions since I can remember. My grandma and granddad just love them and wanted us to keep up with the tradition, even after they were gone.

The responsibility of the reunion rotates between each of my mother's siblings each year. This year, my mom's family is in charge of the reunion. Basically, that means, me and my mom. And, as she and my dad just sold their house this week and have to be out before July, that pretty much leaves me in charge. I have been feeling very stressed about it. Just now, as I was sitting at my computer, the picture of my grandma rotated through my screen saver. It made me think that she would NEVER have complained about such a thing. She would have loved planning something special for the family to do. This is how I want to be.

I need to buck up and be more like Grandma "Bill". I know that she will be cheering me on from her "luxury suite" in heaven. Ok Grandma...I can do this! Let the fun begin!


Di said...

I swear that could be my grandparents with the gold curtains. I thought that was me on the couch. Funny how we can only think of our grandparents as old huh?

Amy D. said...

Cool post! I could say the exact same things about my grandma. I was just thinking about her the other day, in fact. Random question: do you have to pay to get cute backgrounds off of cutest blog on the block now?? I looked at it today and it appears that's the case. Bummer if so. Do you know of any other free websites?

Nikki said...

I hear many stories of her. She was a great NEll

AZMom said...

LOVE the pictures!!!

Hang in there. I KNOW you can do it!! :-)

Big hugs!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Your grandma was lovely. I so admire women like that...makes me think of Melanie Wilkes and Scarlett's mom from Gone With the Wind, always calm, kind, gentle. The ideal lady.

I think your grandma is indeed in a luxury suite....

Looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming event..