Tuesday, June 17, 2008


DISCLAIMER: Lots of whining ahead. You may not want to read it!

I know you all know how it feels to be broke. Really, truly, heartbreakingly broke. Welcome to our world. We are so broke that it is embarrassing, yet, here I am, sharing it with you, my blogging friends. What I really want to do is cry, but I won't. Instead, I'll share some of the problems our brokeness is inflicting on us this week.

1. Food...we have no bread, no eggs and very little milk. We have been eating what I call "poor man's food" which, luckily, tastes pretty good. Let's be fancy and call it "Rustic". Last night we had beans, (the ones I canned, thank you very much!) and tortillas, a la tostadas. Tonight, we had chicken noodle soup. I had a whole chicken in the freezer, so I cooked and de-boned it, used the broth for the soup base, added onions and broken up lasagna noodles. It was pretty good. All I can say is, THANK GOODNESS FOR FOOD STORAGE!

2. Food part II...I am running out of things to fix the boys for lunch. (Remember, I'm babysitting my neighbor's son along with my two.) Today, I made spaghetti and used a can of pizza sauce for the topping. I guess the can was old, because the boys said it tasted like metal. So I put the whole pan down the disposal. (I actually considered rinsing the sauce off and trying to salvage the noodles. Isn't that PATHETIC!)

3. Gas...Dave drove my van to work today because it has the most gas in it. 1/2 tank. Clinton's car was running on fumes, so I gave him my last $10 to fill it up. (fill it up...ha! That won't even get him 3 gallons!)

4. Clinton is supposed to have his senior pictures taken on Thursday. I am trying to reschedule them for later. Clinton HAS to have a haircut before the pics. Sharree would do it for us, but we can't afford the gas to get out to her house. And if I let him do it himself, he'll shave his head. ("I'll polish it up really nice so it'll SHINE!") Oooo...it makes me crazy!

5. The reunion is this weekend. I am supposed to pick up my nephew on Friday on our way up. The problem? He is three hours out of our way...more gas. Why should people have to choose between family and gas? It's not right!

6. Dave gets paid on Friday, but, AFTER we have to leave. So, Clinton will pick up Dave's check and deposit it for us. We will get gas as a "charge" instead of a "debit" and hope it doesn't come out of our account before the check makes it in.

7. Since I am in charge of the reunion, there are things I need to get. But...that just isn't going to happen. I've made a list of the most important things, and my mom will pick them up before she goes. Some of the other things I planned for we will just have to do without. As The Bear always says..."You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" (And seriously, if anyone does throw a fit, you may see me on the 10:00 news! lol)

There are a few other things that have happened this week that are money related, but they are too humiliating to own up to. [sigh] I am feeling very depressed and anxious. There is so much that needs to be done, but I am just shutting down and not completing any of it.

I am not writing this for any sympathy. (Please don't bring us food or call anyone to tell them we're struggling. We'll be fine...next week! lol) Life's tough all over...for everyone. I'm just finding it hard to put on a happy face today. I should buck up and bake some bread, but I think I'll just drug up and go to bed. (Tylenol PM folks, but I'd be happy to take a Valium off you hands if you've got one! )

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, "What to do when a house guest brings along their dog...Without asking you beforehand?"


SalGal said...

Chain the dog to the neighbor's tree. Or its owner. ;)

I have plenty of valium you can borrow.

Last, but not least, if you have WaMu as your bank, a "credit" will usually show up 2-3 days (sometimes more!) later than a "debit" does. Good luck!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Dear oh dear oh dear. Yes, we've all had days (weeks?) like this. The last time this happened to me was about a year and a half ago. I gathered up all my old/unwanted videos and took them to the second hand video shop and walked out about 18 dollars richer and that tided me through till payday.

Can you do the same? Is there anything you can sell---right now---in your home? Might be an idea.

I am sending you (((((hugs))))) for your predicament, but I also know that your middle name is "resourceful" and you will pull through and land on your feet.

Fuel costs are alarming. Really alarming; they are really affecting people's lives.

As for the food plan (whatever is in the house) I think that it is nature's way of making us use up all that food that lies around uneated and unopened for weeks and months. It forces creativity and that is a good thing, in my books.

Now your immediate strategy, bed and pills, is also a very sound one. Hey, it can't hurt!

Best of luck to you drama mama, and pats on the back for all your food storage ingenuity..... I mean come on, a whole chicken? That is genius!

AZMom said...

I hope things improve for you guys. I remember those days when we literally had less than $1 in the checking account until payday.

Lunches - roll ups are always fun and work well with peanut butter and jelly instead of lunch meat. Crackers with cheese and lunch meat are yummy too. Pizza's cheese and some sauce on a piece of bread or muffin and pop it in the oven or toaster oven.

Get some rest and bake some bread. The smell will lift your spirits.

You are so resourceful as your friends have said. I know you will get through this weekend with your head held high and a successful party under your belt.


nanatrish said...

Drama Mama, I wish I was there to hug you. It will be okay. There must be some kind of lesson here. I think it's wonderful that you can make bread and have canning stuff. Something will have to be done about the gas situation. We don't live in a country where there is wonderful public transportation everywhere. It is all so connected to the price of food and everything we consume. Lavinia said you have a great blog and I agree. You sound so open and honest and I just love that. My granddaughter is very dramatic and I absolutely love it, so of course, I had to check you out. I'm very glad I did. Come visit me sometime. I like your music too. You go girl. We will make it through this financial challenge. Love ya, Trish

XUE said...

i feel sad to read this & hope things get better for you. I grew up very poor & know how hard it can be. Hunger is the worst! Hugs to you too - i don't know what else more to say.

Chicka said...

BTDT, bought the t-shirt, girlfriend! Trust me when I say I can get you some of the good stuff. You won't care if you've eaten or not because you'll be in la-la land!

We cycle around to this "position" every so often. Ok, more often than I'd like to admit. So we (read "I") have a few tricks up my sleeve, like stashing away a $20 every now and again and trying desperately not to touch it. I wish TJ would do the same. Unfortunately money burns a hole in his pocket, whether it's really there or not.

Hang tight, sweetie. Better days are coming (like the day after payday!)

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