Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sweet Deals...How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways!

This morning, I met two of my friends, and former Dillard's co-workers at the mall to stroll around, catch up and have lunch. Of course, we met at Dillard's. We noticed they had just put up signs on all their clearance racks, "Take an additional 50% off items marked already at 75% off". Seriously...that is music to my ears!

We started off in the Children's Department where I bought school clothes for James for next year. Regularly priced, my total would have come to $192, but I spent only $24. For that, I got 2 pairs of pants (one was a pair of Ralph Lauren Polo jeans), and 8 shirts.

Then I saw the racks in the girls department. So I picked up some cute things for my great-nieces. Two shirts and a pair of cute black pants for Nikki. Two shirts, a vest, a pair of pants and a hoodie for Liberty. Regularly priced: $131. I paid $17.

After that, we had to make a stop up in the Home section. Look at what I found!

A beautiful Croscill comforter set! (King comforter, bedskirt and 2 shams) Regularly price at $420. I paid.........$52!!!! HOLY CRAP! is the exact colors of my bedroom! I bought a new comforter set last year when we remodeled our house. I ordered it off of HSN. It looks pretty good, but feels really flimsy....yuck! I am a bit of a linens snob, I guess, and you can't get much better than Croscill!

Anyway, for less than $100, I bought about $750 in fabulous stuff! HOORAY!

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Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Are you kidding me? I can't believe are the bargain-finding queen and I am sooooo jealous. Pardon me, drama queen, I go a little *nuts* when I learn of fantastic sales I missed....
I'm nowhere near a Dillards, alas....I must extend my congratulations to you for the AMAZING bargains you bagged...especially the bed linens...they are did real good, Drama Queen ((insert hearty pats on the back here))).