Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Suite Life!

This morning, Dave called and asked if I'd like to go to the Diamondbacks' game tonight. Sure! I've never been! Then, he told me that we had tickets in one of the Luxury Suites! YAY! Not only did we have awesome seats, (our box was right next to the Owner's Box), but we got free parking, free food and free hats! A big thanks to Dave's boss for this great date night!
Our view of the field!

Awwww....cute Davy!

How come I always look stoned in pictures??

A cool shot! Dave's boss' son caught a foul ball, right in our box! It hit the rafters (see above pic) and bounced backwards, right to him! Awesome!

A view inside the suite

Ok...after delicious wraps, quesidillas and wings, they bring around the DESSERT CART! Holy Crap! Dave got a big freakin' piece of carrot cake!

The seventh inning stretch!


SalGal said...

Well if you could leave Mary Jane alone, maybe you wouldn't look so stoned!! ;) (Kidding, of course...)

Glad you had such an awesome night!

strude said...

That is so awesome. Color me jealous.

Outside of Cubs spring training, I have only seen one MLB game. I had nose bleed seats, not a suite, but it was cool nonetheless.

My friends and I were probably the only people cheering for the Dodgers in Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium (which is no more).

Nikki said...

That is no neat. I love going to the games with Alan. Hate watching them on TV but love going to them

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Wow! I am not a baseball fan, but that suite and suite food looks so deelish I would probably have come along....if you insisted...:) tee hee...

You don't look stoned at all, you look like you are having a very very good time!