Saturday, April 05, 2008

Seussical Pics

Three cute kids, excited to see the show!

They had a book drive where kids could donate a book and get a little prize. Liberty chose a skateboard and Kayden chose "love beads" which I wore the rest of the night!

They had characters milling around before the show!

Clinton with Nikki and Liberty

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Dave said...

Clinton did a great job, and the music sounded great.

Unfortunately the sound system for the actors was terrible, making it nearly impossible for me to understand anything they said or sang. So for me, the entire play was a bunch of kids dressed up funny, jumping around the stage in goofy fashion making a lot of noise.

I was admittedly grumpy about this, mostly because of my diminished hearing. I have been having trouble lately understanding stuff, especially when there is a lot of ambient noise.

I am sure, that if I had been able to understand them, that I would have had a much better experience.

These frickin' things are big enough, you'd think I could hear better!