Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Planting A Garden

"The Prophet said to plant a garden, so that's what we'll do!"
We've been working on our yard the last two days! (Thanks Christie and Garth!) It was a nightmare before, but it's getting better and better!

I really should have posted some "real" before shots with all the weeds!
Here's a shot of the "magic" cloth that keeps the weeds from growing!

We slice a hole in the cloth and plant our plants...tomatoes and peppers!

We covered the cloth with red bark. Pretty...and it helps hold in the water in our hot climate.

Voila! Nice, huh! We also planted basil, cilantro and mint along with my already huge rosemary plant. I also trimmed up the orange and grapefruit trees.

We're working again today...I'll post some more pics soon! Oooo...won't it look great once the sod gets in!?!


Jaime said...

We use that "magic" cloth in our garden too. Love it.

Oh to have orange and grapefruit trees!

Your yard looks great!

AZMom said...

Oh I will take any leftover herbs you can't use!! I miss our CO garden! We have yet to get anything to grow out here because our backyard faces south! Any ideas??? Tips???

Sharr said...

WOW! that looks great! woohoo for yardwork (being done) lol.. nice song by the way... now i'll be singing slippery fish for days! lol