Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Music

We just found out yesterday that Clinton was selected as one of the students from his school to attend the Arizona Ambassadors of Music tour to Europe next summer, 2009. The group selects around 250 students from throughout Arizona to go on the trip and to play at concerts throughout Europe. It is a great honor to be selected, so, we somehow have to find a way for him to go. Oh, and did I mention the trip costs $5000? The cost includes just about everything, other than spending money. Even two meals a day. But, holy cow! What am I going to do? (Clinton suggested we can sell our blood.) The first deposit for the trip, $500, is due mid June and the packet says payment plans are available.

As if this was not enough, his high school Marching Band will be attending the Holiday Bowl this year in December. It is a mandatory trip and will cost $700. I also have to pay for two summer school classes in the next couple of weeks. $300. I have been up since 4:30 just worrying about money and the lack of it. Clinton is going to head out this afternoon to look for a job. I am going to crunch numbers today. stomach hurts!

Here are some pics of the 7 countries they'll be visiting on their 16 day trip.

Paris (I want to cry.)

Venice (yes, I know...could you die!?)

Rothenburg, Germany (look...cobble streets and cute shops!)

London (all the castles, Dover Cliffs and a ferry across the channel!)

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Liechtenstein (don't know much about it, but how beautiful!)

Innsbruck, Austria (Ohh..all my Sound of Music dreams!)
I don't suppose I'll ever get to go on a trip like this. My heart is hurting a little bit, but I guess as parents we have to live through our kids, right? {sigh}


Nikki said...

Hey girl, When all of us were going to Washington DC for the Law and Consitution. Out of the four that were picked from New York I was the only up state. However back to what I was going to say. It was expensive. All the law students and my teacher gathered items from the town, family etc for a yard sale. All the money went towards my trip. I raised like 7 something. Just an idea. Also, Tell them if they do not do good at school no extra's that means last year of summer school. No More paying for it!

Sharr said...

sounds to me like he better step it up a notch with his yard sales lol.... how amazing! hit the family up for donations or slave labor..... fundraiser car washes.... bake sales.... hit up rich distant relatives lol... ask for donations from the drum store lol.... pride has officially left the building lol...

flaredblond said...

Sounds like fun ! Rob was born in Germany and Graduated in Amsterdam . I would love to go there myself .
Looks like you need lots of fund raises ! Maybe you and he can make some lolipops to sale :)
( maybe church can help out too )

Jaime said...

Wow, what an honor. That is so cool. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime.


AZMom said...

WOW! What an honor but OUCH on the cost!!! I hope something will work out for you guys! It would be hard for me to say no since my parents told me to no to a trip to Europe my SR year in HS and I still kvetch about it LOL. I know how hard it is though and hope that something will work out for you guys! I don't know what I would do in your shoes! That is a lot of cash!

You will have to keep me posted on your garden!!! I want to come over for that tomato and basil salad! Have you ever made a cream cheese and basil dip? Oh gosh, it's heaven!

Nikki said...

Hey girl that was to funny about summer school. I was laughing. Anyways if you want to do a yard sale let me know. I will ask everyone around here for things. It is amazing how many people donate when they realize what it is going for.

Jami said...

I don't know how much it will help, but at least you should be getting a check from the government soon! I think it's $600 for each adult and $300 for each child. :) Sounds like such an amazing trip. Tell him congrats from us!

Di said...

That is great. I have been to a few of those places and it will change his life. That is amazing!