Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Have you heard?

For every night you sleep with your make-up on, it ages your skin 7 days. So, I look like I'm 80 now, right? I NEVER wash off my make-up before bed. I always think about it after I'm already lying down and then I don't want to get up.
So, today at the store, I had a coupon for these pre-moistened face cleansing cloths that brought their price down to $1.50 for each pack. I bought two of them and have put them in the drawer of my nightstand. Now, I can just grab them and wash my face before I start snoring! Yay! Younger skin for me!


SalGal said...

If that is true than I'm older than Methusaleh. BWAHAHAHA!!!

Jaime said...

Gee whiz, that's scary. I guess I better start trying to fit that in at bedtime too. :)

AZMom said...

I wash my face in the shower at night (I shower at night so I don't have to get up at 530 AM to go to work LOL) but otherwise I sleep with it on too. I will have to look for those cloths!

Chicka said...

I love those neat little cloths. They're so handy!

Nice price, too!