Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Here are some pictures of our Anniversary Weekend! Five whole days without kids! Dave took Thursday and Friday off from work, and we had a great time! We saw 3.25 movies, went out for breakfast and for dinner and spent some much needed time together. Yay!

Here we 1...Off to the movies!

Dave getting a haircut at the Barber Shop down the street!

At Pancho's for lunch before my Dr's appointment on Friday.
(I snuck out some of their cinnamon tortilla chips into my empty Hot Tamales box. Dave said it reminded him of his mom and grandma, who would take ziplock baggies in their purses when they went to the buffet. They liked to bring rolls home for later!)

This is a little disturbing! Look at the "look of psychotic love" on Dave's face! Hilarious!

These are the movies we saw!
Vantage Point: A great movie...go see it!
Jumper: Pretty it!
10,000 BC...Run away! So Dumb!
We also saw about 20 minutes of Chaos Theory. That was before wewalked out and switched our tickets for 10,000 BC. It was vulgar and stupid!
Anyway, we're so happy we had this time together! Thanks to my mom and dad for keeping the boys! We hope we can do it again next year!


Billingsley's said...

I am so glad you guys had some fun. Make the dates now for next year.

AZMom said...

So happy to hear you had a great time together!!! Some day I hope hub and I can get away and spend some alone time together too!

I'll call you next week and we will plan a weekend to get our families together!

Amy D. said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like a very fun weekend. We're hoping to take a trip ALONE after graduation/before the move.