Saturday, March 29, 2008

Today's Adventure

I wasn't aware, but in Australia, they have VERY stringent gun control laws. It is even against the law to have an "air soft" or "pellet" gun. So, today, Dave and Mick went to the shooting range for a little fun target practice. It was a HUGE hit! They rented a Glock 9mm pistol to shoot for the hour. We have some video we'll trim down and maybe post later! (We aren't big "gun people". We don't even own one. But Dave sure had fun today! Mick too!)

Dave asked if they could shoot THIS gun! The guys said "Sure, if you buy it first".
How much? $8800!!


Dave said...

Davy want BIG boom! ARRR ARRR ARRR!

Dave said...

We had a blast. We talked to the guy at the couynter while we were waiting our turn. He told us all about that rifle.

He says it kicks about like a 12-gauge shotgun. The muzzle (on the end of the barrel) has vents that force gases and and whatever backward. He said that anybody standing to the side of you would get their hair parted. :)

Awhile ago, I watched a show called "Future weapons" that featurted this rifle, and from a mile away, the guy obliterated a cinder block. He also said that the muzzle velocity is so fast that the victim being shot by this beast would be dead before the sound of the shot got to him.

The shells for this are enormous and $60 for a box of 10.

AZMom said...

Glad you had a good time Dave! My husband is a hunter and we have several guns and pistols in our collection. :-) I've been shooting since hubby and I were dating. He can't wait to take our son to the range when he is older and takes all of our friend's kids when they come to visit!