Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break And An 8th Anniversary!

This week is Spring Break! I just now got my boys out the door and on their way to my parent's house in New Mexico. They'll be there until Sunday. I am letting Clinton drive them as far as Snowflake. (About 3 hours North of here) My dad will meet them there and take them the rest of the way. I am a little nervous about letting Clinton drive that far, especially with Kayden, who can be a little distracting. I am sure everything will be fine, but I anxiously await their phone call check ins along the road!

Today is our 8th Anniversary, Dave and I. We don't have any big plans for today, but he is taking Thursday and Friday off work so we can hang out together, go to the movies, whatever. It will be nice to have 5 days to ourselves. Waaa Hoooo! Here are some cute shots of us!
A Dating Picture

A Honeymoon Picture...Aloha!

Another Honeymoon Shot....cuties!

Here we are....December 2007!


Johnny X said...

Happy Anniversary!

AZMom said...

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your time together!!!

Jaime said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary! You two are such a great couple!

Billingsley's said...

Happy Anniversary. To much fun, time together. Me and Alan will be starting the first day of our 11th year in April still haev not had a honeymoon. On the honeydew list. I expect some major blocking to be done with all them days together

Di said...

Congrats on eight years! Here is to some "alone" time!

Becky said...

Love the new look on your blog! Happy Anniversary...hope your week is going well :)