Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Pics

It was a weird Easter this year! The boys were in New Mexico at my parent's house, so I didn't dye eggs, do baskets or ANYTHING! They got home Sunday evening, so we headed to Sharree's house for dinner and activities. Sharree had a cute project for the kids. They took a big muffin and hollowed it out. Then they put it on a plate with green coconut (grass) and used a vanilla wafer for the door. It made an "empty tomb". She told them the story of Jesus and how he was Ressurected and his tomb was empty. They made a little sign for each tomb that said "He Is Risen". Before the kids could eat their project, they had to go and tell three adults the story of Jesus and the Empty Tomb.

After that, the kids did an egg hunt and we had a BBQ! Yum! Thanks Sharrs for all the hard work!

The Bear And Nikki Making Their Tombs

Liberty, Christie and The Bear

Three Cute Egg Hunters!

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Amy D. said...

Looks like a great time. That's a very cute idea. I'll have to do it next year.