Monday, February 25, 2008

Todays Art Masterpiece Paintings

I am an Art Masterpiece volunteer for The Bear's school. Every two weeks, I go in to his class, and also into the neighboring Kindergarten class, with a different piece of art to look at and discuss. The art piece "lives" in the class for two weeks until I bring in the next one. It's really fun and the kids love it! The weirder the paintings, the better! Here are the two I showed this week:
Composition II by Piet Mondrian
(I took this one into The Bear's 1st Grade Class)
We talked about Abstract Art, and Mondrian's love of Primary colors and lines. We counted the squares and rectangles, they came up with 17.

Tulip Fields At Sassenheim by Claude Monet
(This one into the Kindergarten class, next week, to The Bear's class)
We discussed Impressionistic painters and Monet's love of light and how it affected what he was painting. I used a flashlight in the dark to mimic the changes in shadow and light as the sun moves across the sky. It is so easy to impress the little ones! LOL Last year, I presented not only to The Bear's 1st grade class, but to a 6th grade class of special ed boys. I had to be totally on the ball with them. They were on top of things! It was a great experience though.


SalGal said...

That sounds like a really cool thing to do. How did you get started with that???

AZMom said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Monet! He is my all time favorite painter!! Tulip Fields is one of my fav's because I grew tulips in Colorado!

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