Monday, January 28, 2008

A Great Man

I had a bitter sweet feeling last night when my mom called to tell me about President Hinkley passing away. I was so happy for him that he was going to get to see his sweet wife again. He has missed her so much. I can just imagine the reunion on the other side. What a party that would have been! He has lived such a marvelous life, full of service and love, and I know that he was greeted with much love and celebration. But we feel so sad to lose him! Every conference, when he speaks, it feels like a goodbye. We knew the time was near, but sometimes, it's just easier not to think about it.

We told The Bear last night and he was a sad little monkey. I tried to explain how President Hinkley was so happy to be with his wife and friends, and how happy he was to get to see his friend Jesus. The Bear said that he just misses him so much. It was so sweet. He has a picture of President Hinkley and a picture of Jesus, sitting on his shelves, watching over him, so he won't be scared to sleep in his room at night.

He was a great man and a great example. We will all miss him.

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