Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gonna Whine A Little

I have been so cold for DAYS now. I just discovered this afternoon, that Clinton turned of the heater several days ago because his room was too hot. I thought I was going crazy, or getting sick.

It has almost been 4 weeks since the surgery, and I still am not feeling up to par. I am so bored during the day, but the thought of going somewhere or doing something doesn't appeal to me either. Today, I put a project together for my scrapbook club that I'm supposed to teach on Saturday. It was nice doing something different, but I had a little trouble focusing on it for too long. It's so weird. I'm only taking pain pills at night, so that's an improvement. Go me.

We are broke, BROKE and still have a week until payday. Luckily, the next payday will be our first with Dave's big raise on it. Hopefully we won't be this broke ever again. What I really want is to send Clinton out to bring dinner home. But, alas, that's not going to happen. So, we are having cold cereal. Well, The Bear is having cold cereal. Dave won't be home till late, (he has his writers group tonight), and Clinton is over visiting the girlfriend. Maybe they'll feed him. That would be great. All day today, I was hoping that someone would stop by and bring me something tasty for lunch. Of course, it didn't happen. But it was a nice daydream.

Dave is supposed to bring me some books home from the library tonight. So, maybe tomorrow, I can lose myself in some great fiction.

Blah...and Blah.


SalGal said...

Oh hon! I wish I could bring over dinner for you! I SO would if we lived closer! I wish we weren't broke, either. I'd even send over pizza.

Have you talked to your Dr. about not feeling "with it" yet? Maybe you're anemic? I know that sounds odd, considering how you're not hemmoraging anymore, but hey... never hurts to ask, right?

AZMom said...

OH hon!! I wish I lived a bit closer I would gladly buy you lunch!!! I agree with Salgal..get your iron tested...just in case. I know I was just beat for weeks after my surgery so rest, rest, rest.

Dang it..I need to find your phone number....

Big hugs
AZ Mom

Becky Porter said...

That is sad, sad, sad! I hope you feel better soon...e-mail me your snail mail address and I'll add you to my Good Mail list--maybe getting something in the mail will cheer you up ;)

P.S. Sorry to miss the party today--I was really looking forward to seeing you..bummer.