Thursday, December 27, 2007

You know that saying, "It's always darkest before the dawn"? I am really hoping it holds true. I am expecting some really wonderful things to happen, just around the corner. Ohhh...I hope I won't be disappointed!

Today, The Bear got his cast put on. The only thing that really upset him was that the Dr. said he had to lie down most of the day and keep his arm elevated. Why was this bad? No Wii! No Nintendo!

"This is not a great day", The Bear complained, over and over.

We did give him a small reprieve and let him play Wii bowling for about 1/2 an hour.

Dave is at the airport right now; James is flying home today. It was so nice having him here for Christmas. We sure wish he lived closer.

I'm off to bed for my long winters nap! Night!

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peebugg said...

I'm combining two blogs with one comment!!

Cool on the Christmas with your dad. Sorry about the Bear. But they bounce back fast.

You....It will be okay. The Christmas trees aren't going anywhere, I left mine up till Easter once when AJ was little and really sick--makes a good place to hide eggs.

You need to take care of you so you will be overly ready for the surgery. Your body needs to be rested, strong and as worry free as possible. I know that's a huge thing in its own, but you should try.

I wished I lived closer so I could pop in and help you on a tri-weekly basis....

If you need extra's only 6 hours away...4 if AJ drives..

Keep your chin up....