Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thanks Mr. Mom!

Due to all the "girlie" issues I have been having lately, Dave has really had to step up and do lots of "mom" things. He went on a "big" shopping trip, with a list, and he was successful! He hated it though! On Monday, he had to go to an inservice meeting with The Bear's occupational therapist to learn the methods she is using to teach him. He survived, and even took many pages of very good notes! Today I had an appointment with the "girlie" Dr. at 10:30 and The Bear had an appointment with a new neurologist clear over in Phoenix at 1. I really thought I would be able to do both, but as it turned out, my appointment took WAY longer than expected. Dave had to leave work, pick up The Bear at school and drive him to his appointment. Then, he had to deal with all the Dr's questions, (I helped out a bit via cell phone), and even had to take The Bear for a blood test. They are now on their way back! Another successful outing!

Hey...maybe I'm not as "needed" as I thought. You think they'd miss me if I took a week off??

Thanks Honey! Great Job!

( looks like hysterectomy city for me. Jan. 4th is the day. I have mixed feelings, but I'm mostly relieved about it. Maybe my family will like the new and improved, less hormonally psyco version of me!)


peebugg said...

Just more visits from Aunt Flo.... woo-hoo

I know there is a lot more too it than that...but if you helps you get better and stay better.... It's gotta be good.

I'm here for ya!!!

Di said...

Okay probably not what you want to hear but if you could elect to have a hysterectomy I would be first in line. No hot flashes when you are older!

Dave said...

I love you! :)

SalGal said...

I'm all for a hysterectomy if it means no cramps as well. I got an IUD to take care of my Auntie, but Crampy Cousin still comes along!

Good luck!!!

Billingsley's said...

Pray about it, You will do the best thing. Let me know if you need anything. I am here for you.

AZMom said...

My hyster has been the best thing that has happened to me. :-) I had mine July 19th. It was a robotic laparoscopic hyster at Mayo up here in N. Phx. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Also check out That site saved my sanity during all of it.

big hugs!

flaredblond said...

You will feel sooo much better! I'm here for you .:)