Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Am I A Bad Mom?

There is a group of kids in our neighborhood that are always out, running around and riding bikes everywhere. They range from about 6 to 12 years old. One of these kids is a friend of The Bear's and is in his class. He has been over a few times and has brought his older cousin over to play. I don't have a problem with this. I don't mind having them in to play video games a few days a week, but I just can't take it EVERY day. Also, I wont let The Bear "hang out" with them outside. I think he's too young to just be strolling the neighborhood. Besides, I don't know these kids or their parents. I'm surprised they are allowed to just roam around.

Back in the day, it was no big deal to just go outside and "play". I feel sad that times have changed so much. When I was in grade school, I had to walk a really long way to get to my bus stop. No big deal. Now days, there is no chance I'd let my kids do the same thing. Too many psycho weirdos out there.

Am I too protective? Do you let your kids out?


flaredblond said...

There is no way I would let my kids out now days . I think you are very wise ! There are too many kids disapearing now days and too many in the Pheonix area . Keep up the good work ;)
I have a video for ya to order .. The safe side (find it on goggle)
It has really helped Lucas .

AZMom said...

Nope. There is no way I'd let either of my kids out to play in the neighborhood. I remember when I was a kid we were allowed to ride our bikes all over the neighborhood but we had to check in every hour. Nowadays there is just not a chance I would let my almost 8 and 5 year old do that.

As if we aren't protective enough, read a book called "Protecting the Gift".

Ready for the rain?

Bree said...

I don't think that's being too protective. And having other kids over every day would drive me nutso. :)

Corki Ann said...

hey-I don't think you're too protective. It's sad that we have to be this way. The world is getting to be a scary place-you never know!! I have to always have an eye on Easton when we are out. There are so many psychos out there, you're right. Pretty soon, we'll have to have our kids on a leash...