Thursday, November 08, 2007

I might possibly be crazy by Christmas

My schedule from now until Christmas is beyond insane! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get all this done and Christmas shop too. I have no idea what to buy this year anyway.

Friday Nov. 9......1st playoff game in the state football finals
Saturday Nov. 10.....State Marching Band Festival (we will be there from 5am till about 8pm)
Friday Nov. 16.....My cousin's son's wedding and reception (I will be helping with food at the reception.)
Wednesday Nov. 21 - 25.....We will be going to my parents for Thanksgiving this year in New Mexico.
Tuesday Nov. 27......End of Season Marching Band Awards Banquet (I am in charge of the whole thing)
Saturday Dec. 8......My Father In Law's Wedding (I have been asked to be in charge of planning along with my sister in law) BTW... the marching band California trip is this same weekend.
Friday Dec. 14.....Our Church Adult Christmas Party (I am in charge of the whole thing)
Saturday Dec. 15.....My family Christmas Party 100 people (I am in charge this year)

And this doesn't include any Band concerts, school parties, work parties or additional games. How am I going to get through all this? Will I have time to decorate my house? Will I be able to stick to my diet through all this stress? Will I really go and get tranquilizers from my doctor so I can be calm and not take things out on my family?

We shall see.


Billingsley's said...

ok, I think you need to stop being in charge of everything....I will help with whatever I can.....
Let me know....I know I can do the cake, help with brad's wedding, My friend use to be a wedding planner so I can borrow anything from her stuff...I have a friend who is a photographer (cheap) yummm...I know I can help with something to relieve you....Just yell out

Di said...

All those questions you have? That is why you have children! ha ha

AZMom said...

I hear ya on the busy schedule thing! The holidays roll around and we all just go insane! Best of luck and I think it's time to delegate some tasks! :0)

I get my van on Wednesday! I can't wait!! Thanks again for all of your assistance!


Becky Porter said...

Crazy, Erica! If your doctor gives you tranquilizers then send some my way--lol! ;) Missed you on Saturday...

Jillian said...

Dear heart, you must learn to say "no." You're in charge of too many things, and that's just the naked truth!

BIG HUGS to you, and an extra measure of grace and peace.