Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My New Car For The Week

Here's me and the new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan! It is AWESOME! They dropped it off to me this afternoon for our 1 week test drive. The boys and I hopped right in and went for a cruise! On the drive, Kayden played video games on the middle screen. (There are three screens.) We stopped at Sonic for the boys' dinner and all watched Harry Potter. When the car is in park, you can watch the dvd from the front navagation screen too! It was sounded like we were in a theater! How fun!

One of my favorite features is the small camera mounted next to the license plate. When you shift into reverse, it shows you a live picture of whatever is behind you. Tune in tomorrow for a picture of Clinton, lying on the ground behind the car, photographed on our navagation screen. Cool!


flaredblond said...

How fun ! :) You look good . You look like you are losing weight ! :)

Billingsley's said...

That is so great! I want a deal like that.I wood feel like a new women

Strude said...

Totally awesome. We're just a bit jealous.

Becky Porter said...

You crack me up Erica! :) So glad to finally be able to see your blog!

And, you do look great in that photo.