Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Healthy Eating Sucks...

...especially when I can't even seem to lose weight while doing it. We have cut so many bad things out of our diet. No butter, no fast food, no fried food, no sugar, limited soda and even then, only diet. We have also added many good things; whole grain bread and pasta, more chicken, less beef, a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies, lots of water. I have totally ramped up my exercising; I'm exercising more than I have done in YEARS! Lots of years. I have started doing sets of stairs along with my morning speed walk session. You would think that all this change would make a difference. It doesn't seem to be.

Yes, I'm sure my heart is much happier with all the healthy stuff, exercise and all, but the weight is not coming off. It is very frustrating...and really....It totally pisses me off. I hate people who are able to eat whatever they want and not gain a pound.

I like to eat! It makes me happy. I enjoy cooking yummy food, and I'm pretty dang good at it. It is one of my only talents, and it's being wasted on steamed broccoli. We are going into my absolute favorite food making seasons...fall and winter. I love pouring over recipes to decide what to make for my Thanksgiving dinner. I love the smell of cookies or pumpkin bread baking in the oven. (Don't even mention candles to me...it's just not the same!)

Is this whole diet thing worth it if I'm totally ticked off and evil for the duration of it, which, at this rate, might take years?? I seriously just want to smack someone...preferably someone eating Sonic Tater Tots.

I have a good friend who just found out her surgery date for her gastric bypass. I am really happy for her, but exceedingly jealous too. Her insurance pays for it...mine doesn't. That's that. And it BITES!

Oh....I'm such a Little Mary Sunshine, aren't I.


Anonymous said...

A Dr. told me that people who have the by-pass surgery do not live as long as those who don't. They have to take tons of vitamins because they don't eat healthy enough. Their systems can get lactose intolerant, one friend couldn't eat meat, or any dairy products. Another friend is losing her hair, I realize some people have to do this, but I would avoid at all costs. Also did you take your measurements? Sometimes you are losing the inches, and then you will lose the weight. Keep up the good work.

Domestic Goddess said...

That is a good suggestion, checking the inches. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.
Keep it up, eventually you will lose the taste for all the sugar and fat. Be grateful your whole family is doing this with you. It is hard to diet when your hubby keeps bringing home oreos and doritos.