Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grand Caravan Week Test Drive...Today's Fun Feature!

The In Dash Navigation/Entertainment Touch Screen Supreme!

Ok ya'll...this thing is awesome! And smart...way smarter than a 5th grader. The touch screen is used to control all audio/visual and navigation for the entire vehicle. (Although there is a remote control for the 2 back screens.) It is VERY user friendly, even for slow me. You can use the GPS to guide you home, plug your MP3 player of choice into the handy USB outlet and download all your favorite songs/pictures into the systems hard drive, or, if you are parked (safety first) you can watch a movie or Satalite TV on your in dash screen. And I LOVE the Sirius Satalite Radio! This morning, while driving my aunt to walk at the mall, we listened to Siriusly Sinatra! Then, I dropped her off and flipped right to Hair Nation! (Yes! All of those hair bands from the 80's!) You name it, Sirius Satalite has it. (Just say NO to Howard Stern!)

Last night, when Cheez got home from his writing group, I took him for a drive for his favorite Filiberto's burrito. We then sat in the parking lot, on a "mini date" and watched Harry Potter. It's like a drive in wherever you go. Great for quick escapes when the fam is making you crazy. Pop in your favorite chick flick and hide at the park around the corner for a little peace and quiet.

This van is perfect for all of us who spend hours in the car, shuttling kids to practices and waiting for them to finish. It's not your mom's "soccer mom" van!


flaredblond said...

That is so cool ! I told Rob , I want one :) My van just hit over 100,000 miles .
Maybe santa will bring us both one :) Have fun ! Love ya

Di said...

Sweet! I am so jealous!

Billingsley's said...

Ok, I am so jealous. I am making Alan read your blog,,Maybe my Santa will bring me a MINI VAN...I did not think I would ever say that....But how sweet.