Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dodge 1 Week Test Drive...Todays Fun Feature

Two Video Screens With Two Separate DVD Players!
Here's Kayden watching National Treasure and Clinton watching Ferris Bueller!

I love the backseat view's my attempt at a photo!

On our way to a Halloween Party! Spiderman LOVES the New Dodge Grand Caravan!

This may be the family's favorite feature! In dash, there are two separate cd/dvd players. On your dash touch control screen, you can send one movie to the back row and the other movie to the middle row. This is great when you have a big age span with your kids. The middle seats can watch Winnie The Pooh while the back seat watches X-men. This is possible through the wireless headphones that can be adjusted to hear either screen 1 or 2. Easy! And while all this is happening, Mom and Dad can listen to the radio or one of MANY genres of music/talk on Sirius radio. TA DA! Everyone is happy! Did you forget to bring along a DVD??? No problem! As of now, there are three satellite tv channels available to watch! Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

The kids want to bring their Game Cube along?? No Problem! Plug it in next to the swivel seats and one screen can be used for video gaming! Ok...get this...there are two sets of plug ins, the back seats can play Playstation and middle seats Vtech, or whatever. And there is a "normal" outlet installed right there, so you don't have to buy those weird "car" accessories!

Road trips would never be the same again!!!


Domestic Goddess said...

sounds like a really neat car. Lucky you. Have fun with it!

SalGal said...

I never wanted a Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler brand minivan again. EVER. I WANT THE ODYSSEY!!!!

But now I want your new van, too! I want to go on a date in my car! I hope you're having a fantastic time. :)

Di said...

I have to admit that I am not big on the DVD/TV thing in the car. We have one, a portable one, my mom got us, but we rarely use it. I think that is what windows are for, BUT so nice to actual have when you DO use it. I like that you can choose different shows on different screens. As a mom of children aged 3-18 there are big differences there. I really hope you are enjoying yourself. Think you will go buy one when it goes away?

AZMom said...

Can you let me know how your experience has been with Matchstick and Dodge? I was just contacted today (Phx also) and was selected. I am waiting to hear back from Dodge on when I get my van. I'm always leary of scams so any help you can give would be great. You can get back to me, via my blog