Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Some Murmuring

You guys, what is the deal. Either I have been having really bad days, or I have just lost the ability to deal with them in a calm and rational way. Yesterday was SO horrible and frustrating. And today, more of the same. I really just feel like shutting down, hiding in my closet and crying for awhile. But what really happens is I call Dave at work, or my Mom at work, and let loose a stream of frustration, which I'm sure neither one of them appreciate. Several months back, my Gyno doc suggested I go to my PC doc and tell her I need tranquilizers. He tells me this because I shared with him my extreme feelings and issues I have during PMS and other times. How kind and supportive, right?? "You're crazy....take a Valium!" But now, I'm thinking maybe he's right. Sometimes, I take 1/2 of a Tylenol PM during the day just to calm myself down a bit. But that's not great for everyday. I wish they'd just give me a hysterectomy and stop the insanity. But no.

Today, I am really craving a Big Mac, fries and a real, REAL Coke. Did I bend to the temptation? No....but the day is not over yet. I now get to go stand in line at the DMV to get Clinton's car registered. The DMV.....hmmmm...maybe I should try the Tylenol trick before I go so I don't lash out at the insipid government employees. And, I get to take The Bear with me after he gets home from school. That should be fun. I hope his gameboy is charged.

Watch the news tonight to see if they show some poor lady being tazered at the DMV. Yeah...that will be me.


flaredblond said...

Try omega 3 . I have been taking it and it really does make you feel better ! Or go buy stress vitamens ( it is vitaman B in a high form . They help with loosing weight too ) :)
Hang in there ! Maybe Dave could take you on a mini vacation ( just the two of you ) :) (((hugs )))

SalGal said...

My personal remedy is legal narcotics, but some people have issues with that (shrug).