Friday, September 21, 2007

I am a grouch. And possible a sore loser. I think that competition does not bring out a nice side in me. I know this whole weight loss competition is supposed to be so all of us can get healthy. And I will be happy for everyone for working hard and for loosing weight. But, this is horrible to say, I WANT TO LOSE MORE! I know I need to just think about what I'm doing and be happy for any weight I loose, but if I loose 3 lbs this week, and someone else looses 7....aaggrrrhhh!! Why am I like this? It's not good! And it's not friendly or polite!!!!

Anyway, we have been doing really great! I have made some really delicious and healthy dinners this week and I'm proud of us! I will post some recipes when I get a chance!


flaredblond said...

Good Luck ! I have been dieting for a couple of months now too. It is not fun or easy ! I have lost 15 pounds , I still would like to lose 30 or 35 more .
Hint .... Billy Blanks bootcamp is alot of fun and it works . ;)

Chicka said...

I would never enter a contest like that with men. Their metabolisms (and the way they lose weight) is nowhere near a woman's. It's just the way biology is. Big brats that they are!!

But you keep plugging away!! Any weight lost is just closer to the final target.

SalGal said...