Monday, September 24, 2007

The Biggest Loser...Week One Results

Congratulations Cheez! This weeks winner! (Loser!)
Cheez lost 12 lbs this week!
Here is my family's results for the week:
Dave (Cheez): lost 12
Clinton (drummer boy): lost 7
Me (Drama mama): lost 4
The Bear: 48 scrawny lbs The only one in our family that we have to bribe and force to eat!
Now, let's talk about how I feel about all of this. Can you guess?? I feel totally pissy about it. It's not good, or fair, and I am proud of Dave changing his eating habits, but, I have totally busted my butt this week. I walked miles and miles! Dave, walked a little, but mostly, no. Clinton takes a weight lifting class everyday plus all the marching band stuff, so he's working out more than anyone.
They tell me that if it wasn't my "girly week", I would have probably lost more. Whatever, it doesn't make me feel better. (And the whole raging hormone thing is probably effecting the way I feel about things too.) It's totally just like that commercial with the cartoon husband and wife where she is ticked that he can lose weight by quitting soda and eating subs. I know how you feel cartoon sista!
Anyway...blah! I walked early this morning and am now enjoying a nice bowl of cracked wheat cereal with Splenda and a splash of skim milk. Go me. Whatever.


Di said...

Men ALWAYS lose it faster with less effort. Some strange twist of fate. They are the one's who don't even care. Keep it up. I am proud of all of you. 4 pounds is still a lot. 12? Wow, I honestly didn't even think that was possible.

mk99 said...

His was all water - yours was fat. You win.

Anonymous said...

Dave probably had his pockets full of rocks when he weighed in. 12 lbs in a week is way, way to much. You loss of 4 lbs is about right. You probably should loose 2 lbs a week from diet and another 2 from exercise. That makes it a long time to loose a lot of weight but you will stay healthy doing it. Don't discourage, just keep it up. When you fall off the diet don't beat yourself up, just get back on it.

Ed B

Dave said...

All I did was eat good food, and drink a lot of water.

We also are trying not to eat after 7:00pm unless our schedule prevents us from having dinner before that.

Chicka said...

Cheez, I love ya, but man - you need a hefty kick. Don't you know you were supposed to let her lose more the first week?

Men - when are they gonna get a clue? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I'll bring you some Kalua Pig, that will give Erica a chance to catch up. Of course that is only if she doesn't eat all the Mac nuts.

Ed B

peebugg said...

Hey........You should find the "Fat Flush Diet" I got some ideas from it. mainly the type of sweetner, and the cranwater part. It really works. I have a friend that lost 51 lbs in 29 days and she is still losing......

I of course am not that dedicated to it and I have to feed the boys but I am doing parts of it.....