Monday, August 06, 2007

My marriage is SAVED!

Cheez did NOT get selected to sit on the Jury! It was to be a 10+ day trial and his employer will not pay for jury duty (big jerk wad). He made it to the final 25, then was sent home. Can you hear my sigh of relief? (I think he's a little disappointed!)

Is there anyone out there who really thinks I could have NOT pestered the crap out of him as to what was going on with the trial? He says he wouldn't have budged. I don't think I would have either. I would have driven him nuts! (I think he was hoping to be sequestered. 10 days in a hotel room, by himself. Sounds like vacation to me!)


Dave said...

The marriage was never in question.

It would have been a battle of wills on whether or not you could get me to talk about the trial.

I believe we would have come to an impasse. The funny thing is, you wanted to argue about the wrong case! :)

For the information o0f everyone else reading this... I called her "Devil Woman" he he he

peebugg said...

Devil Woman!!!

I could see you arguring the case ....both sides even...doing the voices and everything. You would be exhausted....

Jami said...

I hear you're coming here! Yay!!! So excited to see you again, and for you to see David's show.

peebugg said...

oh your marriage and then disappear!!!!

second honeymoon???