Thursday, July 05, 2007

Family Reunion Pics

Here are some pictures from our reunion this last weekend. The boys had a BLAST!
James and The Bear

Clinton shuttling the cousins around! (yes...he shaved his head!)

Everybody loved the swings! The Bear is on the left...Dave looking on!

This is serious business!

Dave in the annual horseshoe tournament. Nice form!


Dave said...

In the swings pic it looks like I have a wedgie... well, I sort of did. I forgot my belt for the trip, and was constantly pulling up me britches. When I did the grampa look with the waistband up around my armpits, then they would stay up for more than 3 seconds.

I finally took the arm sling thing off of my computer bag and fashioned that into a belt of sorts. It worked well enough.

I lost 21 to 2 in that horseshoe match by the way - yikes!

peebugg said...

hey....where are you ????

Looks like a ton of fun...