Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fat People Deserve To Die

How does this statement make you feel? Shocked? Do you agree with it on some level? Do you feel like fat people have no right to complain about feeling bad...after all, if they'd just lose weight, they would be healthy...right?

As a fat person, I can tell you that many people feel this way, unfortunatly, many of these people work in the medical profession. I have experienced this attitude many times. I have been to quite a few doctors who, although they may not say it outloud, have this very opinion. One actually came right out and said it. "I wish that Dr's would quit sending me overweight patients. There is nothing I can do for you. Lose weight, and your health problems will go away." He was an Endocrinologist. Someone who specializes in hormones and the endocrine system. Someone who should have been able to help me figure out why things were happening in my body and why it was so hard to lose weight and keep it off. After going to him last year, I pretty much swore off doctors. Well, I was in so much pain over the weekend, that I really had to go to the ER, only to be faced with a similar situation.

I am quite sure that the ER doctor I saw had this very opinion. If I had been a thin person, coming in and complaining about severe abdominal pain and a nightmare headache, do you think he would have sent me on my way without even an exam? He told me that there was nothing wrong with me the first time he walked in the room and saw me. I can attribute some problems to my weight, but severe And even if the pain was somehow caused by the fat, does that mean I don't deserve to even be examed to find out the cause?

If you are or have ever been overweight, you will understand exactly how I feel. If you aren't, count your lucky stars that you have never had to face this prejudice and humiliation. Don't you think I would rather be thin? Don't you think I have tried, countless times, to lose weight? Do you think I'm lazy? Stupid? A bad person for being fat? Don't you think that it's exhausting to put on a happy, cheerful face, all the time, just to compensate for the fact that people have to look at my disgusting fat body?

Hey...maybe fat people do deserve to die. It might just be easier.


peebugg said...


We are all different and if we weren't there would be no doctors. I just think some are PIGS (I kept it "G" rated just for you)

I know skinny people that have horrible health. Butthead doctors should be sent to the Getto or something so they will get some sense scared into them.

I hope you are feeling better...

Josh said...

I know completely how you feel. I have severe back problems which I've had for years (had them even before I was fat), plus sleep problems, muscle problems, and other problems.
Now I can't afford to go to a normal doctor so I went and put in an application at a reduced income volunteer clinic a while back, went through a long waiting period, had to go through an orientation, and then finally got in to see one of their volunteer doctors.
I waited in the room for about 20 minutes before this old woman doctor came in. She told me I was too fat and if I lost weight I'd have no problems and feel better. Didn't even examine me at all. Came in and looked at me said I was too fat and to lose weight and sent me on my way. She told me as I was leaving to lose a few pounds before I came back to see her. I've never went back and haven't went to a doctor since.
So I can really empathize with you on this one.
I made a video about it right after it happened. You can watch it if you'd like.

Take care :o)

BeckEye said...

I need to lose about 20 pounds, but my sister has struggled with weight for most of her life.

It's a little sad that it seems like "fat people" are the last socially acceptable group to make fun of. Everything is so PC now, and no one is allowed to say anything remotely negative about someone's sex, sexual preference, race, religion, etc. but it's still "okay" to make fun of someone's weight. And mean-spirited people always back it up by saying "Well, I'm just trying to help by making these people see that they're unhealthy, blah blah blah." If being rude was really all that helpful, we'd all be skinny!

Chicka said...

Erica, I've been on both sides of the fence. It definitely sucks being fat. It's not like we WANT to be fat, to have society treat us like they do, to wake up every morning hating ourselves and in spite of honest attempts of losing weight and keeping it off being treated the way you were.

It's no wonder we turn to drastic measures. The real help and compassionate people simply isn't there.

Now I don't need anyone to hold my hand, tell me I'm just "big boned," or that they love me just the way I am. I don't want it sugar coated. I know I'm predisposed to Type II diabetes and heart disease even without being fat (family history). But I don't need a doctor telling me "It's all in your head. You just need to lose weight. There's nothing wrong with you." B.S.!

But when a doctor refuses to look any further, and flat out telling me it's how I eat, in spite of my husband telling them "I know what she eats. It's hardly anything compared to the rest of us" and have the doctor say, "Well are you with her 24/7? She's got to be sneaking food," that was the icing on the cake. (Why are most metaphors food related? LOL!)

Seriously - some doctors need a good smack upside the head. He says eat more small meals throughout the day - I gained weight. HE said eat less. I gained weight. He said eat healthier. I gained weight.

I do Polish dancing (which isn't as easy as it looks people - we sweat!!) and I'll be a black belt in TKD in a month (in spite of serious back and hip disabilities). It's not like I sit at home and gorge myself all day long while watching TV. And when you tell the doctors/nutritionists that, they simply can't wrap their little brains around it.

Sorry for the tirade, but thanks for the outlet.

EC said...

What you said is 100% true. I have never gotten the proper care I needed because I am heavy. They simply say it is my weight... like if I lose weight it will be some sort of miracle cure and my rash and my headaches will simply disappear. I can't stand it... and I'm so glad you brought this topic up. I think you should report this doctor to whoever will listen and make him see that you are not just some stupid fat girl!!!!

I've been fat on and off most of my life, but I'm at the point that I don't care, but everyone else seems to. I've accepted it. In fact I've lost almost 400 pounds 90+ pounds FOUR times and it just comes back. I'm sick of going through the rollar coaster of it all and I basically am standing up for fat women everywhere and saying to everyone else "SCREW YOU!" and I think that is exactly what I would have said to that doctor!

Katherine said...

Oh god, that is so horrible. I'm sorry you have to deal with such ignorant, horrible people. You know when something is not right in your own body. So, don't give up. You will find a doctor willing to help you.

sgill said...

I get particularly annoyed about the completely fraudulent nature of the diet industry. 99% of these organizations are not helping, but contributing by seemingly 'debunking' the 'burn more or the same amount as you put in' idea of weightloss. Those in the medical profession are facing the western world's greatest health epidemic so far in the 21st century, and to scorn is purely ignorant.

I could write essay upon essay about how this is also a terrible byproduct of consumerism, but hey, I'd hate to bore :)

How is everyone? I hope the beautifully new house is going well!