Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chewing Gum and Walking...Minus the gum!

Yesterday, I fell in my driveway and really banged up my knee. The urgent care doc said nothing was broken, but it still hurts like heck, and the mountainous black and blue bumps are really unattractive! I can hobble with the crutches, but mostly, I'm banished to bed for awhile. That's ok though, these pain killers are making me drowsy!

Dave has written a more eloquent post about it over at his blog. Check it out Here!

I'm off to La La land folks! Back in a few days!


peebugg said...

are you okay???

I've never been lucky enough to get banished to bed....

I hope you heal fast

lori said...

I hope you are much better. What adventure are you going to have next. Good luck, see ya!