Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Bear has been having some struggles at school, getting along with kids and learning how to react to conflict in a positive way. Kindergarten is Hell! Yesterday, as I picked him up from school, his teacher pulled me aside and told me that he has been a real pistol lately. When we got to the car, I asked him what happened.

"I absolutely spit at Joshua" (He means "accidentally". Last week he "absolutely" punched Andrew in the stomach, because Andrew wouldn't stop tickling him.)

Anyway, this morning we said a prayer that he would be happy today and that he would be able to be nice to his friends. Afterward, he asked if Jesus would help him all day, and I said he would.

"But I can't see him."
"No, but you can feel him in your heart."

He then went with Dave out to the bus. Dave returned, telling me that The Bear had told him Jesus was in his heart...while groping his chest area, trying to "feel" him.

I wonder what his teacher will have to say about that!?!


Di said...

Hey, she can't complain if he is only groping himself. hee hee

Dave said...

The funny thing about it is that I could tell he was thinking that Jesus was little and hjanging out inside his heart.

I think he is getting some very weird notions about Jesus.

1) Flushing the toilet is the way to get to Jesus (Dead fishies get flushed, and they are going to live with Jesus.)

2) Jesus can get inside us. He is a very literal thinker, so I imagine his perception of that is rather strange.

3) Remember when he asked me if Jesus would suck out his brain? No idea where that one came from.

Katherine said...

That is so sweet, and what a clever idea to help him improve his behavior! Let us know if it works. :)

SalGal said...

So, how do you get "chosen" to chaperone the fieldtrip? What if you work? What if you're having your wisdom teeth taken out that day? What if you hate little kids that aren't your own and would rather walk on a bed of molten lava?

Domestic Goddess said...

kids see things so differently than we do. funny funny kid!

Can't wait to see pictures of your redo!

lori said...

You are such a good mom and I'm sure the he will figure all of this "be nice stuff" by college. Garrison is still learning that you can't punch someone because they make you mad, and he's in high school! No, he really is a great kid, now he just talks about wanting to punch someone for being cruel. We're making progress