Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Hey all! Sorry about my slacker ways! It's been such a busy time!

Christmas was good! We went to New Mexico to spend it with my parents and my grandma. We had a really fun time! We came home the day after Christmas. That night, The Bear started throwing up. Projectile style. yippie skippie. Two day later, Cheez stayed home from work with the same ailment. Ohhhh...good times! By New Years, I had that yucky feeling, but never actually followed through with the yuck. We spent a quiet evening at home. I was asleep way before midnight. (such a party animal!)

The Bear turned six on the 3rd. We had a fun family evening. We went to dinner at Golden Corral, then went bowling. We all pretty much stunk at it. They didn't have a lane open with bumpers, but we got a ramp for The Bear to use. He beat us all on the 2nd game. How sad is that! Cheez had the ramp all figured out!

As we were bowling, I started feeling really yucky. Chills, sore throat, ect. so I headed over to the Minute Clinic at CVS. (fab, by the way.) They, of course, had just closed, so I had to go back the next morning. I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and given some heavy duty anti biotics for 2 weeks. Well, today is one week later, and I still feel like crap!

Today was my first "Art Masterpiece" day. I presented a Paul Klee print in the morning at The Bear's kindergarten class. It went really well! The kids really loved talking about it and telling me what they thought! In the afternoon, I presented a Picasso to the Special Ed class. This also went WAY better than I had thought. Maybe it won't be such a scary thing to do after all!

Friday, we have an Exchange Student coming from Australia to stay with us for 12 days. I am SO not ready! My house is a mess and I haven't got ANYTHING done that I need to. I've started planning out a menu to take some of the stress off me for next week. But, I have so much to do. And I really do feel crappy. At least our Christmas stuff is put away.

We are all trying to eat healthier this year. We are having some success...I hope we will all have more energy soon. It takes a lot of focus to cook healthier. It's going to take some getting used to. I'm a great "yummy" cook, but "healthy", not so much!

I will keep you all posted on how our time goes with the exchange student. If you had never been to America, what would you want to see and do? (They're in California right now, so Disneyland has been taken care of!)


Anonymous said...

I guess you don't what me to bring Kalua Pig in March if your trying to eat healthier???? Also no Mac nuts??


SalGal said...

Hey, pork is the other white meat! LOL!!!

We had an exchange student from Japan (twice!) that spent a month with us in August '03 & '04. The first boy was only 11 years old! He just wanted to do whatever we did. The second boy was 14 and just as amicable but you knew he secretly wished he had a cooler family than us. Oh well, they sign up for the American experience and that's what they got! If you have anything like a national park or state park, any kind of historical stuff, they like that. And shopping. 'Specially if it's a girl!

flaredblond said...

Go to the Grand Canyon and Thombstone is also fun! Hope you feel better soon :)

Katherine said...

Wow, you have been really busy! Glad you're back and I hope you feel better soon. How fun to have an exchange student. I'd probably want to go to NYC and see The Empire State Bldg, Central Park, and Ground Zero.

Jillian said...

Hey Erica, I'm so glad to see this update! I've been checking in over here regularly for the past week or so. I'm sorry you've all been sick!

You know, once that student arrives from Australia, you're just going to want to sit down and listen to that WONDERFUL Australian accent! :)

As for "yummy" and "healthy" -- ur, they are supposed to be THE SAME! LOL I've got homemade potato cheese soup bubbling on the stove downstairs -- made from scratch, loaded with fresh carrots and shredded sharp cheddar. Yummy? Oh, I could LIVE on it. Healthy? Extremely! :)

And I've heard that you're a fabulous cook, so I'm sure you can do the same, if not better.

(By the way...your kind comment about my not wearing a hat to the midwife made my whole day. THANK YOU! I wish I could get over this self-consciousness thing....)