Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The painter is here for the first day of the big painting! The front room is almost done and it loods AWESOME! Our ugly blue carpet sure does clash in a big way. I can't wait until the new carpet goes in. Of course, we will still be left with that blue couch and chair, but I'm hoping I can find a nice slipcover until we can afford new furniture.

All the prep work leading up to this has left me with a nasty sinus infection. (Yes, again!) All of that yucky dust we had to get off our high window ledges and shelves in our kitchen has really done a number on me. Everything will be so clean after we're all done! I can't wait!

Dave drove out to Scottsdale to check out a car a friend of ours is selling for his grandparents. It's a 93 Cadillac Deville with only 78,000 miles. One of those really nice grandma cars that was kept in pristine shape and hardly driven. They are selling it for $4000, which is a pretty good deal, I think, and Dave really liked it. We'll have to see if we can come up with a way to get it. One car isn't going to do for very long.

Have a happy week everyone!


peebugg said...

Yeah for the painters!!!!!!

I bet you will come up with something great for the covers. And as for the sinus infection....YUCK!!

I hope the car deal works out and all is good.

We are wadding in 4.5" of snow and it's still snowing.

SalGal said...

That's why you're supposed to wear those hospital mask thingys when you do that kind of work!

GOOD LUCK on the car, I'm sure something will come through!

Domestic Goddess said...

Wow. a lot of fun going on in your house. We were in an accident in November and had to get a new car for Wes.

I am excited to see your before and after pictures!

Di said...

Hey, at least you are having someone paint FOR you. We always end up doing these things ourselves and it will take us WEEKS to do what someone else can do in a few hours. Odd, how that is!