Sunday, December 17, 2006

Partied Out!

I decided I'd better sit down for a minute for an update, as I don't know when I'll have time again. Tonite, Cheez's family is coming over for our Family Christmas Party. This will be our 4th party this week, and I'm totally feeling it. I really need a Long Winter's Nap! I don't know why I keep saying's just a problem I have.

I'm pretty sure that my shopping is done (99% at least), and since we're traveling to New Mexico for Christmas, I'll wait till I get there to wrap most of it. You know, to maximize the packing space. (I'm really not sure how we're going to get it all there...we need a Christmas Miracle!

I wish I were feeling more Holly, Jolly...but I mostly just feel Whiney, Cranky!
I hope you all have a successful "week before Christmas" and get all your preparations done!

Fa,la, la, ya blog land!


SalGal said...

Hey, we got this weatherproofed fabric storage thing for like 30 bucks at Target to clip on the roof rack of our van. You can put all kinds of crap in it! I highly recommend it, especially when transporting Christmas.

Katherine said...

Good luck with everything!! I always think I'm done and then one more thing keeps coming up again and two neighbor ladies want to get together tomorrow and so I've got to find gifts for them, finalize the christmas day menu and do all the shopping and prep for that, wrap all the gifts, blah blah blah, where's that wine?