Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh....The Guilt

I am really running out of time. There are a few things I really wanted to get done, and now, it's looking like they I just won't have time.

1. Gifty Gifts for Neighboors and Friends: I've had several people drop by little gifts, (food and treats), and I am feeling SO bad that I don't have anything to take to people. My time is short, we're leaving for New Mexico on Friday morning, and my money situation is even shorter!

2. Christmas Cards: Last year, I hand-made a load of cards and never sent them. So, I can send them this year, right? Yes, but I feel like I need to include a letter or picture or something. And, I have no envelopes to put them in. Cheez printed off some labels last night, so I might get them done today...maybe.

3. Treats and Baking: Last week I made cheater sugar cookies and let The Bear decorate them. Besides that, I have baked NOTHING! No treats, no delightful smells wafting from my kitchen. I totally suck!

I'm almost done with the wrapping. I sent Clinton to deliver the rest of my "in town" gifts. I have so much to do...but I just want a nap. Even the Excedrin isn't perking me up.

Maybe I need a a festive Santa bottle. I think I have one left, hidden in the deep recesses of my refrigerator.

I have just made 3 attempts at creating yummy Christmas treats to take to some friends. All three, well, I'm not sure about the 3rd one yet, have been total failures!! I tried making suckers, but I didn't have sticks, so I just poured the sucker lava into a cookie sheet to just break into pieces later. I boiled it to Hard Crack stage, but it is still chewy. The kind of chewy that will pull a tooth out. My first attempt at toffee set up, but not to the crispy stage. It tastes great, but is also a bit chewy and just falls apart. It would be good over ice cream though. My second attempt at toffee is cooling now, but I think I may have scorched it a bit in my attempt to get it hot enough. Maybe my candy thermometer is screwy.

I give up.


SalGal said...

Girl, you should've made the saltine toffee! Nobody can screw that up, not even me (and I am super good at screwing up!)!!!

I don't even OWN a candy thermometer.

Bree said...

Wow. I'm impressed at your attempts. I don't have a candy thermometer either. I have no candy-making abilities that I know of. The only holiday smells coming from my kitchen are from candles or Febreze air freshners. Lol.

Brittany said...

Have you tried dipping pretzels in chocolate? Even I can make that. :) It's super easy.

Chicka said...

Don't feel bad. I had to scrap two of the things we were making, too. There was a peach cinnamon coffee cake that would've been simply devine if it wasn't undercooked (and once they cool to the point you can tell they're undercooked it's far too late). There was also a 7-layer miracle cookie bar recipe. Alas, my sweetened condensed milk must've been far too old (ok, exactly how long has that been in the pantry?) and they were just disgusting. We tried, though.